5 Samsung Galaxy S9 features you should borrow Apple

Samsung recently unveiled its new flagship Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +, which should compete with the iPhone X.


Having analyzed the new features of smartphones, we have identified the 5 best features that Apple could add to iPhone 9 or iPhone XI – it is not known what the company will call iPhone X next generation.

1. Design without notch

The Samsung Galaxy S9 with Infinity Display and 92% screen-to-body ratio looks amazing. Especially compared to the notch on iPhone X. The amount of total Apple fit into the notch is impressive, but with the notch the smartphone will definitely not become the most beautiful on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S9's screen looks great, which can't be said for the rounded corners of the smartphone.

2. DeX

DeX is a new Samsung feature that allows you to use your smartphone with a monitor like a computer. Samsung released the feature last year, but its options were limited. The new version of DeX lets you do a lot more.

DeX-enabled applications can be used with the monitor. The new Dex Pad also lets you use your Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + as a trackpad without even needing a computer mouse. Samsung plans to add a computer keyboard to the system, but it is unlikely that it will be convenient to type on small virtual keys. The ability to connect a smartphone to a monitor and use it as a computer is very convenient.

5 Samsung Galaxy S9 features you should borrow Apple

3. Camera with adjustable aperture

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + have a 12MP Super Speed ​​DualPixel AF camera. Its most important advantage is the switching of the aperture between f / 1.5 and f / 2.4. The Galaxy S9 is the first smartphone with technology that until now has only been found in digital cameras.

The Galaxy S9's camera can automatically adjust the amount of light it absorbs. In poorly lit conditions, the aperture will switch to f / 1.5 to capture more light. Together with the new algorithm, the Samsung Galaxy S9 can take better pictures with lower noise. In daylight, the camera switches to f / 2.4 aperture to limit the amount of light and not to light up the photo.

4. Ultra-Slow shooting mode

The smartphone can shoot video in 0.2 seconds at 960fps and 720p resolution. iPhone X captures slow motion video at 240fps and 1080p resolution. The time limit may seem too small for you, but some videos look impressive in this mode. They can even be installed on wallpaper, which is pretty cool too.

5. Fingerprint sensor

This feature is dedicated to all those who still prefer Touch ID to Face ID. The only problem with iPhone X is its design, which will require the sensor to be positioned on the back. It won't be as convenient as Touch ID in the Home button on the display.

In addition, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + still have a headphone jack, but that's not even worth hoping for.

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