5 facts you didn't know about wireless headphones AirPods

In addition to the fact that the day before yesterday, September 7, at its traditional annual presentation, the company Apple presented the new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the second generation of watches Apple Watch 2, new generation wireless headphones AirPods were shown. Small Bluetooth – headphones from Apple contain the latest developments of the company.

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The Apple company is committed to getting rid of wires completely in its products. So what's so unique about these $ 159 wireless earbuds?

5. New processor W1

The newly developed W1 chip from Apple is responsible for most of the processes in this device. According to the statements, it will allow the headphones to expand the range Bluetooth – waves, making the connection better than other devices, while improving the power saving technology. The new processor will also provide the customer with better sound quality.

Trailer of new headphones AirPods from Apple:

4. Many different sensors

Bluetooth – headphones AirPods will come to the buyer “stuffed” with all sorts of sensors. This is to conserve battery power. For example, with the help of these sensors, the device can determine what their owner is currently doing: listening to music or talking.

Through the use of optical sensors and a special accelerometer that detects the movement of the headphones, EarPods can arbitrarily turn off playing music if you are not using them at the moment. They are also able to detect if one of the two headphones is not in use and redirect the volume and microphone operation. A voice accelerometer and a microphone built into each earphone will help determine when a conversation is taking place in mobile mode and drown out extraneous noise using a special noise reduction system.

3. Easy call Siri

Using wireless headphones AirPods from Apple, it is extremely easy to communicate with the voice assistant Siri. In order to call the virtual assistant, you need to “tap” the headphone twice and Apple – the device to which the headset is connected, will appear Siri. At the same time, you can communicate with the assistant through headphones, without touching the mobile device, and give him commands: call someone, turn on a track or find out the weather.

2. Fast charging

AirPods, by themselves, do not have a long battery life. This is about 5 hours of simple listening to music, or 2 hours of talk time. This is very small, especially if you have to make a lot of calls. Luckily Apple came up with a way out. The kit, which comes with new headphones on sale, comes with a special case that acts as a wireless charger for the headphones. According to statements, this case will be able to charge AirPods more than five times in a row. That is, you can use a headset from Apple all day long without using an outlet.

However, we are already accustomed to the fact that any lithium-ion batteries do not charge as quickly as we would like. And given the fact that AirPods will discharge quickly, engineers Apple have equipped the device with fast charging technology. The earbuds can be fully charged in just 15 minutes from a special case, and then continue listening to music for the next 5 hours.

Well, in order to find out the level of battery charge, you can simply, without taking out your phone, ask Siri about it: “Siri, what about the battery of mine AirPods?”


1. Connection to any Apple – device

The new AirPods are able to connect not only to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which no longer have a 3.5mm jack, but also to any other devices Apple: Macbook, iPad, older versions iPhone. If you once connected wireless AirPods via Bluetooth to your iPhone, then there will be synchronization via iCloud between all your devices connected to one account iTunes recordings. And then when playing music on one of them, you can select AirPods and listen to tracks through them.

The start date of new sales AirPods in Russia is still unknown. Let me remind you that the American cost of the headphones is $ 159 (~ 10,300 rubles).

What do you think of the new ones AirPods, are you going to buy them?

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