5 advantages of iPhone X over iPhone 8

A little more than a month has passed since the release of iPhone 8 / 8Plus. Every year, phones Apple collect huge lines in front of stores as everyone wants to get their new one iPhone as quickly as possible.

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However, on the day of release iPhone 8 queues were significantly less than usual.

Where's the line? Apple 's # iPhone 8 & # iPhone 8Plus are being released today… but where are all the @ Apple fans? Thoughts? @ ABC7 pic.twitter.com/P1UZZlceYh

– Chelsea Edwards (@ abc7chelsea) September 22, 2017

The reason is that this year along with him in the lineup there is iPhone X – a model for 999 dollars, which can be ordered from today, and bought in the store from November 3.

You are probably already aware of the differences between iPhone 8 and iPhone X, among which the latter has a frameless OLED display, Face ID and Animoji face recognition.

There are also less noticeable differences like the optical image stabilization on both cameras iPhone X. In addition, the telephoto lens iPhone X has a wider aperture than the iPhone 8 Plus. In theory, this difference should be noticeable in low-light, high-zoom photos. In addition, the front camera iPhone X supports portrait mode thanks to Face ID sensors.

But there are even less noticeable differences between the models that justify the extra couple hundred dollars you'll spend on iPhone X. We've found 5 reasons for you to buy iPhone X over iPhone 8.

1. Awakening by tapu

You might think: what is it about a feature that has been available on phones for a hundred years Android? For iPhone X, wake up by tap is of great importance, because it does not have a Home button. It happens that the phone lies next to the table, and you just need to find out the time or check for notifications. On previous models, this required pressing the Home button or the side / power button to turn on the screen. Now you just need to touch the screen to 'wake up' iPhone X.

5 advantages of iPhone X over iPhone 8

There is another advantage of waking up on tap. In iPhone 6s Apple presented the 'Raise to Wale' feature, which turns on the screen when you pick up the phone. Many people use the function, but it often turns on the screen when not necessary. Sometimes the screen lights up when the user just holds the phone in his hand, and this consumes battery power. And sometimes the screen, on the contrary, does not turn on when you pick up the phone. Waking up by tap is much more convenient. In addition, from the lock screen iPhone X you can quickly turn on the flashlight without even having to open Control Center.

2. Dynamic display of notifications

Authentication on iPhone X works differently from previous models. With Touch ID, the phone unlocks when you put your finger on the Home button. With Face ID iPhone, X is already unlocked as soon as you look at it (this is indicated by an animation with a lock on the screen).

5 advantages of iPhone X over iPhone 8

In this regard, the flagship has another interesting feature. On the lock screen iPhone X, notifications are displayed immediately after the phone sees your face. For example, if someone takes your phone, they simply won't see notifications, but when you pick up the phone, they will automatically appear on the screen.

The same can be enabled on other models iPhone. Go to Settings – Notifications – Thumbnail display – If unlocked. Please note that the function only works if you have disabled the option 'Open with swiping' in Settings – General – Universal Access – Home. For notifications to appear on iPhone 8 and other models, you need to put your finger on the Touch ID scanner, and on iPhone X they will appear on their own as soon as you look at the phone. It remains to be seen how well iPhone X recognizes faces while lying on a flat surface or at an angle.

3. The screen does not go out while you are looking at it

This is another feature that has been around for a long time on phones Android like the 2012 Galaxy S3, but it should work much better on iPhone X. Samsung phones use the front camera to determine if the user is looking at the screen or not. This is a very useful feature when, for example, you are waiting for Uber, or while some download is finished.

5 advantages of iPhone X over iPhone 8

But on Samsung phones, the function does not work accurately, especially in poor lighting or in direct sunlight. Face ID should work even in complete darkness, as the technology uses an infrared camera that reads 30,000 projected points from your face.

This is another small but nice advantage of iPhone X over iPhone 8. Also iPhone X can make the alarm or ringtone sound quieter when you look at it, that it's not bad too.

4. Fast multitasking.

In Android 7.0 Nougat changed the way multitasking works. Now double tapping switches you between the last two apps you opened. This is very convenient when you need to work in two applications at once, and you need to constantly switch between them.

On other models iPhone you need to double-click on the Home button and manually select the application you want to go to. There is no quick way to switch between the two apps.

There is a special gesture on iPhone X: to switch between applications, you just need to pull on the indicator at the bottom of the screen and scroll through the applications like pages of a magazine.

I LOVE double tapping the multitasking button on Android 7.0+ to toggle between 2 apps, and it’s nice to see a comparable iPhone X gesture. pic.twitter.com/iL6XWtLLH4

– Rohan Naravane (@ r0han) September 13, 2017

Recently, a video appeared on the web with another gesture iPhone X that does the same. In general, if you often work in several applications at once, then you will really like using iPhone X.

App switching on iPhone X looks pretty smooth. (via https://t.co/mXpNJhOwzw) pic.twitter.com/Lf9X3twx58

– Webastiaan the Sith (@sdw) October 25, 2017

5. Large battery for iPhone this size

This is one of the most underestimated benefits of iPhone X, which will become more known with the release of full reviews. It can be assumed that the iPhone X will last as long as the Plus models, despite its size as the iPhone 4.7-inch screens.

The battery capacity iPhone X is estimated to be 2.716mAh. That's even more than 2,675mAh in the iPhone 8 Plus. For comparison, iPhone X OLED has a display with 458 PPI, while iPhone 8 Plus LCD has a display with only 401 PPI. OLED – displays are more economical, but not when they display white.

5 advantages of iPhone X over iPhone 8

And then there's Face ID – the biggest factor that will affect battery life iPhone X. Imagine how many times a day multiple sensors would have to be activated to recognize your face. It will definitely use more power than Touch ID.

Two cameras with OIS, and even the front TrueDepth camera in portrait mode, can also consume more power.

What's more, the battery iPhone X is almost 50% larger than the battery iPhone 8. Every year Apple the battery capacity increases less and less. For example, the iPhone 7 with 1,960mAh battery is 14% larger than the iPhone 6s with 1,715mAh, and it only lasts two hours longer.

Apparently, iPhone X will run two hours longer than iPhone 8. That's not bad for a phone that's just a little heavier.


We believe that it will be more convenient to open the Swipe Control point from the top iPhone X than from the bottom. On other models it is quite difficult to do this if you have an open keyboard. Sometimes, instead of opening the Control Center, you just accidentally press the keys. Personally, we are glad that this gesture was moved to the top of the screen.

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