3D scanner iPhone 8 supports Apple Pay, recognizes multiple faces and works in third party applications

Brazilian developer iOS Guillermo Rambo found more information on 3D facial scanning technology at iPhone 8 in update HomePod.

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It was previously reported that the technology will support Apple Pay. 'Pearl ID' or 'Face ID' will also work in third-party apps and will be able to recognize multiple faces, like Touch ID, which recognized up to five fingerprints.

Multiple face recognition information may be erroneous. Apple Insider:

'Rambo found the following line of code about system security' canPerformMultiBiometrics'. It is difficult to say exactly what the term 'MultiBiometrics' means, and the update HomePod says nothing more about it.

Some believe that the code indicates the ability iPhone 8 to recognize the faces of multiple users. However, given the Apple approach to security, don't rely on multi-user integration. The company regards iPhone as a purely personal device. iOS is intended for use with multiple users only in exceptional cases. For example, iPad in educational institutions'.

According to the 'CAMCaptureCapabilities' line of code where 'FrontPearl' and 'BackPearl' are specified, 3D scanning should work on both the front and main camera.

About Pearl ID:

1 – The software definitely supports it for payments
2 – 3rd party apps can use it
3 – You can add multiple faces pic.twitter.com/aUotHwD64f

– Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) August 9, 2017

Guillermo found out that the technology supports payments Apple Pay, which means it will be as reliable as Touch ID, otherwise banks would not trust Apple. In addition, the code mentions two-factor biometric authentication, which KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo talked about back in January.

Bloomberg previously wrote that the Cupertino tech giant is testing eye scans as an additional face recognition feature. According to Mark Garman, the new 3D sensor is capable of scanning a user's face in a few hundred milliseconds and performs better than a fingerprint scanner, making it even more reliable.

Apple ’s pitch come September will be that Face ID is quicker, more secure, and more accurate than Touch ID. People inside Apple say it is.

– Mark Gurman (@markgurman) August 6, 2017

Moreover, the sensor should also work perfectly in poorly lit places.

Garman writes: 'For a new iPhone that goes on sale later this year, Apple is testing an improved security system that will allow a user to log in, make payments and launch apps by scanning their face '.

An infrared laser diode (invisible to the naked eye) will act perpendicular to the display surface. This will enable the phone to recognize a face from different angles, even when lying on a flat surface.

In other words, you just have to look at your iPhone 8 to unlock it, not use Touch ID or enter a password. In addition, the sensor will mute the notification sound when the user looks at the screen.

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