2018 iPhones will not have Touch ID

The now unreleased iPhone X is the only device to support Face ID user authentication. Presented at the same time iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are equipped with the good old Touch ID. However, according to analyst Min-Chi Kuo, from next year Apple will completely switch to face scanning, so we won't see Touch ID in iPhone 2018.


As a reminder, Face ID requires a special TrueDepth camera. Kuo noted earlier this week that the same camera will be fitted to iPad Pro 2018. Now Face ID can be used to unlock the device and confirm payments via Apple Pay. Expansion of TrueDepth capabilities is planned in the future.

According to inside information, Apple actually wanted to use the fingerprint scanner in iPhone X, but was unable to fit the scanner under the glass and gave up the idea. It's really a shame, because Touch ID has one big advantage: it allows you to store up to 10 fingerprints, while Face ID is only linked to one face. Not the best idea for those who often give a smartphone, say, a child to play.

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