10 year old boy tricked Face ID and unblocked iPhone X of his mom

Numerous tests have already shown that Face ID on iPhone X can be easily fooled if you have an identical twin or a professional 3D mask. Now a video has appeared on the network in which a woman shows how her 10-year-old son can easily unlock her iPhone X by deceiving Face ID.

iPhone - X-Lock-screen-Face-ID-Locked

Interestingly, mother and son are not very similar, but Face ID still does not distinguish between their faces.

Apple warned that the reliability of Face ID decreases if you have an identical twin or just a similar brother or sister, or if you are under 13. When Apple gathers more data on Face ID usage by millions of people, the company can improve its security.

It's also possible that Face ID remembered the boy's facial features when he unsuccessfully tried to unlock iPhone X the first few times, and then entered the password.

During an interview with WIRED, the boy's mom re-registered her face, and then gave the phone to her son, who could no longer unlock it. The boy managed to unlock the phone only on the third attempt, after which the authentication worked without problems on his face. This is because Face ID is programmed to remember the facial features of a person in front of the camera when they enter a password after a failed attempt.

After such cases, it is not safe to say that Face ID is more reliable than Touch ID. However, in the future Apple it should fix all technology flaws in the next system updates and new models iPhone.

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