Messenger Kids is a new app from Facebook especially for kids

Facebook presented Messenger Kids – a messenger application for children. It was released in the US today and is currently only available on iOS. Users Android will be able to install the app later this month. The purpose of the application is quite simple – to allow children to communicate with each other while still providing full parental control.

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To use Messenger Kids, your child does not need to register at Facebook. Registration is done through the parent's account. Once registered, a parent can customize their child's profile by adding their first and last name. Names and profiles will not be searchable, which is very good for security.

If the child wants to add someone from the school, the parents of both children will have to add each other and send / accept the request. This is the only way children can add each other to communicate. It doesn't sound very convenient, but in this way you can completely protect your child.

Facebook worked with kids content developers from all over the US to understand what kids want. The company even created a dedicated design team to do everything at the highest level.

Messenger Kids is a new app from Facebook especially for kids

The application has several filters, including those based on augmented reality. They will teach your child natural and scientific facts. The app has video chat and regular chat. Parents can communicate with their children through the standard Messenger app.

Facebook says the company set up a committee of experts from the Parents and Teachers Association, the Child Health Center, the American Pediatric Association and other organizations while working on Messenger Kids. Obviously, the company took the app seriously.

Parents are always worried about the safety of their children on social media. Such an application will be a worthy alternative to similar ones. Facebook did not provide a worldwide release date for the app, but it will likely come out very soon.

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