Instagram has a new function for downloading user data

The company Facebook has always paid a lot of attention to personal data, but recently a lot of criticism has poured in its direction because of the way the company manages this data.

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As a result Facebook started trying to restore their reputation. To do this, the company decided to provide users with access to all their personal data. And this applies not only to the social network Facebook, but also to other company applications like Instagram.

Instagram has officially added a new 'Data Download' feature. There are two ways to find it. The first one is to go to the provided link, but it may not work for everyone. The second way is to go to the privacy settings in the application itself.

The feature allows users to download a variety of data, including photos, videos, profile information, archived stories and messages. If you use the app a lot, it can take hours, if not days, to download all of this.

A representative Instagram has confirmed the official release of the 'Data Download' feature in the web version. In apps for iOS and Android it will appear gradually. More information will be announced shortly.

As stated above, the iOS and Android apps will see this feature coming soon.

Such a feature should have appeared in the application a long time ago, but it's still good that the company has finally provided users with access to their data.

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