Facebook uses your phone number for targeted advertising

Repetitive ads that follow you from site to site have become a serious problem. Fortunately, companies like Apple are taking action to combat it.

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However, targeted advertising is not going anywhere anytime soon. Especially if companies like Facebook are related to it. The company recently confirmed that it is providing information about its users to advertisers, and this information is not accurate for it.

A couple of days ago, it became known that Facebook is using user phone numbers with two-factor authentication to target them with ads. In addition, phone numbers are saved in profiles at Facebook.

For example, if you add your number to your profile at Facebook, and then enter it in which online store, the numbers will be matched and used for targeted advertising on sites. The company Facebook claimed in the past that it does not use sensitive user data in this way, but this is not true. Now the company says something else entirely.

We use the information users provide to us to provide them with a better and more personalized experience on Facebook, including advertising. We do not hide how we use the information we collect, including contact information. You can manage and delete your contact information at any time.

A company spokesman said that users can prohibit the use of their information for targeted advertising by abandoning two-factor authentication. In addition, the option to opt out of two-factor authentication was only introduced in May.

Facebook uses your sensitive data to send advertisements to you. It's hard to realize that the company is capable of this. What is particularly surprising is that the only solution for users is to opt out of two-factor authentication.

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