Facebook Messenger adds augmented reality games

The company Facebook announced that Messenger now has augmented reality games that can be played during video chats.

Facebook - Messenger-AR-games

Users can play with six people at the same time, i.e. games will be very interactive and socializing. Initially, there will be two games available on the Messenger app.

  • Don’t Smile: the winner is the one who can not smile the longest.
  • Asteroids Attack: Find out who is the best to fly the spaceship.

More games coming in the coming weeks or months, including volleyball and more. Games work thanks to AR Studio, a powerful tool Facebook for developers.

To play new games, you need to update your Messenger app to the latest version. After that, go to some dialogue, start a video call, and then click on the star icon and select a game.

Your interlocutor or interlocutors will receive a notification that they can join the game. According to Facebook, the Messenger app generated over 17 billion video calls in 2017, double the number in 2016.

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