Facebook introduced user identification by selfie

Facebook added a new user authentication method. It is not yet clear in what situations, but the social network may ask you to upload a selfie to confirm that this is your account. The company representatives noted that this was done solely to protect user data from third parties.


For example, several people wrote in Twitter that Facebook asked them to take a 'photo of themselves with a clear face'. After that, there is a message that after checking the photo will be deleted from the servers Facebook.

a friend sent me this: Facebook is now locking users out of account features, then demanding that those users “verify” their account to get back in by scanning an image of their face. AN IMAGE OF THEIR FACE. pic.twitter.com/T4TIsJFxX8

– can Amy Goodman pls stop inviting Assange on thx (@flexlibris) November 28, 2017

In a comment the company gave to Wired, an official Facebook noted that this was done to 'help check for suspicious activity at any stage of interaction with the site, including creating new accounts, adding users as friends, creating advertising orders and editing existing advertising posts. ' Note that the company declined to clarify exactly which actions could be considered 'suspicious activity'.

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