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What type of data we collect from you


We don’t usually use any type of comment system, but if we did we dont need any of your personal data or info.

We rather prefer for it to be a Anonymous String (also called a hash) this way you can hide behind The Gravatar service privacy policy. You can find more about it in their site. Approval of your comment requires your profile picture and a good, decent context of your comment.


Uploading MEDIA must be 100% Unique or License Free – In the other hand we don’t usually allow users to upload any type of media.

Contact forms


Oh well, Cookies are something we all love. They are usually delicious. But when it comes to the Internet these cookies can be some how harmless. Let’s say you visit our Login page, even though we don’t want you to login into our site you still do.

We would set a temporary cookie to allow you to set the parameter “Remember Me” this way that cookie would be stored on your browser for a persistent time of two weeks. If you don’t tick the option the cookie would be eventually removed from your browser once you log out.


Let’s say you are a editor of the site – All content belongs to us – – Anything your write or any image you upload belongs entirely to us. Thanks for sharing it.

Embedded content from other websites

We do Embeed YouTube VĂ­deos or some Tweets from Twitter. These other website usually collect your data and you should be extremely carefull with it. They also use Third party Tracking methods that actually see how you interacted with the embedded content and check if you have a account logged into their website.