Windows Cygwin Binary Toolchain Installation


This guide and binary installation server is provided by David Supuran <[email protected]>.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please visit #iphone or email me at [email protected]


  • /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk

To obtain this directory it is recommended that you download Xcode 2.5 Developer Tools (Disk Image) (902.9 MB as of 30 Oct 2007).Once you have downloaded the disk image, you will need additional software to open and extract it such as PowerISO, then extract the following file: \Packages\Packages\MacOSX10.4.Universal.pkg\Contents\Archive.pax.gzNote: It has been reported that UltraISO and MacDrive do not work for extracting this package.This archive provides the necessary header files which will later be installed for the compiler to use.Note: Due to Apple’s strict redistribution license the files required from this archive could not be included in the installer, so you are required to agree to the terms and licenses under your ADC account and download the full disk image.

  • iPhone/iTouch root filesystem

The easiest way to obtain the root filesystem is to have a wireless network and OpenSSH installed. If you have this please skip this part as the post-installation will walk you through obtaining the files automatically. You may alternatively decrypt a firmware ipsw manually and place the extracted filesystem in /usr/local/arm-apple-darwin/filesystem after Cygwin is installed.


  • Approximate installation time: 15-20 minutes.
  • Approximate downloads:
PowerISOCygwin InstallerCygwin PackagesXcode 2.5 Developer Tools (Disk Image)1019KB405KB61.4MB902.9MB(optional)  (optional)


Download and run the Cygwin Setup. It is recommended you use the default settings and click Next until you get to the following window:

  • Type in the User URL below ‘’ then click Add.

  • Once you see the URL added and highlighted in the Available Download Sites list click Next.

  • All the software is selected for you; it is recommended you use the default settings and click Next, then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup.

  • Click the Start button and select All Programs -> Cygwin -> Cygwin Bash Shell and you will see the following window:

  • Place the Archive.pax.gz file in your Cygwin home directory that you obtained earlier from the Xcode 2.5 Developer Tools (Disk Image).

Example home directory: C:\cygwin\home\Administrator

  • When asked ‘Do you wish to connect to your device and download the required files?‘ Press y for Yes.
  • Type in the IP address of your iPhone / iTouch device on the next prompt that says ‘Please enter the remote IP address of your device:‘.

*Note: If you do not know the IP address of your device go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and Click the blue arrow to the right of your wireless network you are currently connected to which is marked with a check on the left.

  • If SSH asks you ‘Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?‘ Type yes.

*Note: SSH will now create an archive of your root file system once you type in your password which takes approximately 5 minutes, so please be patient.