Firmware Download

Firmware for the iPhone and various iPod families including the Touch can be found in the XML file provided by Apple at iTunes Firmware Versions. Restore versions are used for full restores and updates, while update versions are capable of updates ONLY. Manually selecting a firmware file

Select the iPhone in the Devices list on the left and go to the Summary Tab inside the device (this is usually the default screen). While in iTunes hold down the Options (some people say it is Alt) key for OS X or the Shift key for Windows while clicking on the “Check for Update” or “Restore” button to open a file browser window where you can select a firmware you manually downloaded.

Direct Download Links

iPhoneRelease Date
1.1.3 (4A93) Restore1.1.2 (3B48b) Restore1.1.1 (3A109a) Restore1.0.2 (1C28) Restore1.0.2 (1A543a) to 1.0.2 (1C28) Update1.0.2 (1C25) to 1.0.2 (1C28) Update1.0.2 (1C27) to 1.0.2 (1C28) Update1.0.1 (1C25) Restore1.0 (1A543a) RestoreJanuary 15, 2008November 11, 2007September 27, 2007 **August 21, 2007August 21, 2007August 21, 2007August 21, 2007July 31, 2007 **June 29, 2007 **
iPod Touch
1.1.3 (4A93) Restore1.1.2 (3B48b) Restore1.1.1 (3A110a) Restore1.1 (3A101a) RestoreJanuary 01, 2008November 11, 2007September 27, 2007 **September 10, 2007 **

These links are provided for your convenience and were obtained from the above url.

 ** Note **
 The actual reference to this firmware has been removed from the iTunes Firmware Versions page,
 but the direct download links still work.